Deliver your own Mindset & Food 5 Day Workshop



This is an exciting new Workshop designed to help you deliver your own Mindset & Food five day workshop in your own Facebook group. If you do not know how to set up your own Facebook groups please see my separate workshop on creating your own Facebook group for therapists.


You’ll have all of the original content of my 5 Day workshop so that you can watch, take your own notes and deliver the workshop yourself to your own paying audience. I delivered the workshop for a 20 minute period each morning for 5 days. This was perfect to fit in alongside my usual 1:1 work with clients throughout the rest of the day..


This workshop also includes all of the resources for you to provide to your own clients attending your workshop.


An introductory video will take you through the marketing strategies I used specifically for this product, including my feeder challenge content.


The workshop was created pre-lockdown but can be adapted to deliver a full one day course face to face after lockdown too.


My first 5 day mindset & food workshop cost £10 per person and earned me £800. This is not guaranteed for you, but it is possible for you to earn that and potentially more depending on your pricing and marketing strategy.


Please note I am a trademarked company and the information in this course comes under copywrite protection and is the intellectual property of Tania Taylor and should not be shared or mended in any way without explicit permission from Tania Taylor.


As long as Tania Taylor Hypnotherapy is trading, access to this workshop is unlimited.


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