What is Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy? 

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy is a technique described first by Insoo Kim Berg. The focus is on the therapist and the client working together to guide and encourage the client to achieve their preferred future.  Together we can identify small (or sometimes BIG), achievable goals, that empowers you to reach your desired future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy utilises all of the methods and approaches from Solution Focused Psychotherapy by focusing our attention on your preferred future too. So, there is no regression or looking into past experiences. Instead, we focus on how your life would be if you were able to cope so much better with that issue you’re experiencing, or if that issue, wasn’t an issue at all. I then use the information we have discussed during each session during your trance.

So together, we can discover your goals and then we can work through guided relaxation and visualisation, to reach your goals and increase your wellbeing.

The therapeutic trance works in a similar way to REM sleep, which opens our subconscious mind to being more receptive to positive affirmations, enabling you to consider changing your perspective, focusing more readily on positive thoughts and in turn enabling you to make conscious decisions to benefit your own wellbeing.

What is Trance?

Many of my clients have been initially anxious about trance and what exactly will happen, all have reported feeling more relaxed and enjoying the calm that trance produces. More importantly, after their first trance session, all my clients have returned for more. Trance is a form of guided relaxation using positive affirmation, where your conscious and subconscious mind work in unison to do the very best for you. You will have full control over your thoughts and will have an awareness throughout the whole session of what is being said to you. Please see my Experience Trance page for a sample trance session.

What can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Help with?

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with many complex difficulties, including;

Talking Therapies

​Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medication and we always recommend you speak to your GP about any medical concerns and follow their guidance.