Client Testimonials


I learnt about what Tania had to offer at an event and I am so pleased I did, as it can take a lot of courage to take that first step into the unknown when trying to try resolve a problem.  I needn’t have had any concerns as Tania was very approachable and considerate of where I was and what I was experiencing. During the sessions Tania was excellent in explaining how Hypnotherapy would help me and how it works, this gave me a valuable understanding of what was going on with the fear that I had.  The sessions have helped me to feel calm and confident when talking in public and I was actually amazed how quickly the hypnotherapy began to work on my confidence and how comfortable I felt in general conversations that I would have previously avoided.  It also has a knock on effect creating an overall feeling of general happiness.  The toolkit to support yourself that you come away with is invaluable and I would highly recommend Tania and her services, I am immensely grateful to have met her.

This is the first time I have had therapy and NOT come out feeling worse and in tears. In fact I came out smiling, happy and with techniques and thoughts that helped. Tania looks, speaks and treats you as a human, this to me was the most important part of my success. She assisted me by guiding and passing on her knowledge to making life easier and more enjoyable and keeping me focused on what really matters in life. It was great that all conversations were led by myself,  I felt in control and comfortable at all times and was never pressured to share more then I was ready to. What  I learnt has been invaluable and I continue to use it every day

Insomnia testimonial from another successful and lovely client.

I contacted Tania for phobia hypnotherapy after a recommendation from a friend. I had A very long running phobia which was ruining holidays and hindering me in day to day life. I was slightly dubious but after the initial phone conversation I felt quite assured it would work and gave it a go, and I'm so glad I did! Tania was very professional from the start and throughout and totally put me at ease. I had the standard 4 sessions and by the end I had sent her a photo of me literally facing my phobia head on! Tania also gave me great tools and discussed and explained how the brain works, all of which help with general anxiety in other areas of life. I loved the sessions and seeing the progression being made and also visiting Tania as she is very warm and enthusiastic.

I would like to thank Tania for taking the time out to share her Hypnotherapy with me. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and as this was being done via zoom unsure if I would get anything from it. I was put to ease straight away and it really did feel like we were chatting in a room. Tania’s expertise was immediate explaining parts of the brain and how we use them with emotions such as stress. I felt I could relate to everything that was being said. After our first session, I came away determined to put what I had learned into practice and it worked. I felt calmer quicker and understood why I was feeling certain ways which helped me do something about them.

After only three sessions with Tania I had learnt so much and techniques that can be applied easily and daily to help me reduce tension and stress.  Professional, yet warm and caring, I cannot recommend Tania enough as she can help you work through any of your problems.

As a man it’s a little bit taboo to open up and talk about your feelings and emotions and ask for help with your mental health. Please please, please, speak to Tania, it can change your life for the better. It has been a fantastic experience from the beginning and ongoing. Tania is there to help you every step of the way. my experience has been nothing but positive and helpful. I would definitely recommend her without question, and already recommended Tania to a few people I know.

Tania is a skilled hypnotherapist and a wonderful lady. I found her voice incredibly soothing and she crafts her work so beautifully. For anyone struggling with anxiety, I would highly recommend her, especially if you are nervous to reach out. Tania has a reassuring presence. You can tell she is utterly dedicated to helping others through her work.

Tania is a well qualified hypnotherapist and provides an excellent service. She is very welcoming and puts you at ease from the first moment you arrive, creating a calm atmosphere in which to talk. She is extremely professional at all times and completely trustworthy. I can highly recommend her hypnotherapy everyone.

I think I will possibly be one of the most difficult people to work with yet after several sessions with Tania I am definitely moving towards a healthier lifestyle with a more positive attitude.

Tania’s sessions really helped me. I found I noticed a difference in my whole outlook and attitude. To think I was so sceptical to begin with is funny now! Thank you so much for helping me overcome my biggest ever challenge!

Tania was very welcoming and professional. She was easy to talk with and non-judgemental. The sessions were interesting and valuable, the journey wasn’t always easy, but the results were amazing. I’ve already recommended her to friends.

Thank you so much Tania, life feels so much better and possible again today. I see and feel a future with endless possibilities I know I CAN achieve any goal I set myself. I’m so much stronger emotionally and mentally and I continue to grow because of all you’ve taught me. I am now able to do things that seemed impossible or challenging months ago and I wouldn’t have done it without your tremendous help and encouragement. You are incredible and your work awe-inspiring. THANK YOU.

Image taken from The Slug and Lettuce Christmas advert with clients permission.

Seeking help from a therapist was something that I never thought I would happen to me. Then I developed tinnitus out of the blue, and my world collapsed. For over a month I sank further and further into despair and felt hopeless with this noise in my head 24/7. Doctors simply said there’s no cure you will have to learn to live with it. This was the worst blow How could I live with this debilitating noise. I sank even lower and didn’t know how to carry on like this.

It was my partner who contacted Tania and I am very grateful. As it led me to think differently about my problem and to learn more about the brain. And how it can change and adapt. I read “The Chimp Paradox “recommended by Tania which was an insight into how the limbic system works (for and against you) and It was then I started to realise my despair and frustration were a reaction to my condition and reactions can change. Your brain can change, I continued doing guided meditation, and did mindfulness meditation as well, which now is a daily ritual.

Now although not fully back to normal. I am 100 times better than I was 8 months ago and look forward to the future again. And feel very positive about improving more and more which I know I will. Neural pathways do not change overnight but they do change. My journey has had lots of ups and downs, days where you feel you have made one step forward and two back. Google didn’t help either the internet is full of horror stories and snake oil salesmen.

People always say with tinnitus, it will always be there, there is no cure, which feeds the amygdala “your primitive brain” with fear making the noise more intrusive which then forms a cycle that makes things worse and worse and you focus on the noise more and more. I’ve started to break free of this cycle. Just now and again, I don’t notice the noise in my head, and If I am not aware of it and it’s not in my consciousness anymore, then it’s gone,

Thanks, Tania, for putting me on this path and making me realise you can alter your reactions and your perception, Neuroplasticity is real your brain can adapt and change. This realisation is the biggest positive that came to me.  

I’d recommend Tania without her I may have still been stuck in despair, I have found new tools to help myself, tools which will continue to help me in many other ways I’m sure.

Who would know from this image that just a few weeks earlier even the thought of talking about a rat brought about the most intense fear responses.

Do you have a phobia you want to overcome? Flying, heights, spiders, wasps, moths and more. For more information and session costs visit it only takes 4 sessions for a specific phobia. Delivered face to face or via online video link.

Massive thank you to Tania and her amazing help. I would never of been able to fulfil one of my bucket lists without her. That aside her service is unsurpassed her energy, empathy and diligence make you so relaxed and has shown me the power of the subconscious. I can not thank her enough for all her help and if you in any doubt whether to try it or not I would strongly recommend you do it is life changing. Thank you Tania

I have been trying for over a decade to lose weight, but diet after diet did not work for me. I know now I was taking the wrong approach. Tania helped put me in the right frame of mind to lose weight slowly in a controlled manner by making lifestyle changes that remain with me to this day. Over the last six months I have lost over 4 and a half stones. I can now walk flights of stairs that used to leave me breathless, without breaking sweat! I feel more confident in myself and love comments from family and friends about how well I have done. I have saved a small fortune by not buying junk food and eating sensibly without ever feeling hungry. I am less than a stone from my target weight and feeling fantastic, thanks Tania for the inspiration, encouragement and support. You showed me I am in control of my weight without any fancy diet plan. Having lost over 6 inches from my waist line I need a new wardrobe!

“I’ve had the pleasure of having a group hypnotherapy session with Tania whilst on a yoga retreat. She has a very calm and positive nature, able to put you at ease naturally. The session we had enabled me to switch off and relax to a level that made me feel as if I was floating. I would highly recommend Tania, she is a very passionate and caring person who I am sure will help guide you to where you would like to be.” A group session

“I have been receiving hypnotherapy from Tania for several weeks, both face to face and by listening to her video’s, to gain confidence and help aid sleep. I can honestly say, as a decade long insomniac, that as a direct result, I have had some of the best nights sleep in a long time. Tania has a way of tapping into your feelings and tackling them with empathy and understanding, whilst delivering a calming and positive therapy. Would highly recommend.” 5 sessions over 5 weeks.

“I think I will possibly be one of the most difficult people to work with yet after several sessions with Tania I am definitely moving towards a healthier lifestyle with a more positive attitude.” 4 sessions over 5 weeks.

“I started attending hypnotherapy sessions with Tania in 2017, to help me with extreme anxiety which I experienced when driving on Motorways. After driving confidently on motorways in my 20’s and 30’s, I gradually started to experience severe anxiety and panic attacks in my early 40’s, which resulted in me eventually being unable to drive on Motorways at all. Normal roads were okay, but roundabouts and bridges were starting to become an issue too. This was affecting my work and my home life. I was restricted in where I could go, and lost my independence and freedom to visit family and friends whenever I wanted. I couldn’t drive more than a few hundred metres on a motorway without an extreme surge of adrenalin and cortisone flushing through my body, leaving me shaking and dizzy, and pulling on to the hard shoulder in a panic attack. Over the past five years I have tried several courses of CBT, specialist driving lessons and NLP therapy. But unfortunately these did not work for me. The sessions with Tania have helped me so much. Within a few sessions I was starting to take short journeys on motorways, gradually building up to longer periods, and more recently driving from Manchester to Leeds! On New Years Day I drove around the M60 and conquered my final nemesis – Barton Bridge! I think this type of therapy has worked so well for me as it is a combination of practical planning which helps me progress to the next stage, and the Hypnotherapy trance, which enabled me to tap into my subconscious feelings, and believe in myself and ability to achieve my goals. Tania is a lovely, kind lady who is totally genuine in wanting to help people, with a therapy that really works for me. I have always felt comfortable and safe during the sessions. I am so glad that I persevered to try to find a way to tackle my particular anxiety. It has made a huge difference to my life, and helped me feel like my old confident self again. I have no hesitation in recommending Tania to anyone who is struggling with any form of anxiety” 14 sessions, over 6 months.

“After my husbands diagnosis of dementia I couldn’t help but sometimes feel angry with him, and sometimes felt like he would do things on purpose. Tania helped me to realise why I was getting angry, and I was able to plan what I would do next time. Before I knew it I was responding so much calmer to him and then he was being calm back and we stopped having arguments about silly things that are out of our control. My husband started sleeping better too, which means I am now sleeping better.” 6 sessions as a marital couple, over 10 weeks

“No one ever talks to me anymore, they just say it to my wife, but Tania took the time to speak with me and worked with me to help me make things different. It has been very good, most relaxing and now the Mrs is feeling better about it (diagnosis of dementia) and I am too”. 6 sessions over 10 weeks as a marital couple.

“For the last 20 years I have not been abroad and didn’t even take my children abroad because of a complete fear of flying. In the past I would take strong medication from my GP to get me through but then I started with a fear of taking tablets and I couldn’t do it anymore. I had 5 sessions with Tania right before a flight I promised I would go on with my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary. Tania helped me calm down as my face and body was blotchy red with anxiousness and I was shaking all over just talking about it. I learnt so much in that first appointment and then putting in to practice afterwards was the real challenge. I have just come back from a wonderful anniversary holiday, I still got a bit anxious but I didn’t drink alcohol to get through it because I wanted to be in control and I even had Tania’s CD to listen to on the flight. My husband is amazed I did it, and we have now booked another holiday for early next wear.”  Specific phobia – usually 4 sessions over 4 weeks prior to exposure.

“Did not know what to expect having never been exposed to hypnotherapy but it unquestionably one of the most positive things I have ever done.  You do not focus on negatives you focus on what you can proactively do to progress your life. I would highly recommend Tanias service to anyone as it is  life changing, relaxing and a positive step.” 7 sessions over 10 weeks