Creating and Building your Own Facebook Relaxation Group


If you’re looking at building a successful online community with Facebook, this course aims to help you do just that. I have two hugely successful Facebook groups my Calm Your Mind group for a free weekly relaxation and my GDPR for Therapists group. You are most welcome to join both.

Building a Facebook community takes a lot of hard work, but it is hugely rewarding. When times are particularly tough right now our online community can really help us, and our community members, to cope so much better through sharing our knowledge, value, and guided relaxation skills online.

What we will cover:

Video 1:
Step by step guide on how to create a Facebook group (some of you may have a group already, but could still find some of the behind the scenes information helpful)
Video 2:
Marketing, and creating engaging content.
Video 3:
A whole twenty-minute video of content ideas for you to use when talking LIVE via video link to your Facebook community.
Top Tips from the current fastest and most successful global Facebook community in the world. In just two years the Mums In Business Association have reached a social media following of over 220,000 people. Find out how!

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