Hypnotherapy and Dementia CPD


Tania Taylor is an expert in the field of Hypnotherapy and Dementia, having more than 15 years experience working, delivering, managing, and leading dementia services prior to becoming a full time hypnotherapist. This course aims to leave you passionate about wanting to work with people affected by dementia and to make a real difference to those who are seeking hypnotherapy to help them cope better with the illness and its symptoms.


As well as providing you with a basic background on dementia and the most common types, it also looks at the symptoms that can have an impact on our sessions and how we can minimise challenges in the clinic room or in group settings by making small adaptations to our understanding and practice.

Length of course: 90 Minutes

What is covered?

– What is dementia?
– What are the symptoms of dementia?
– The progression of dementia
– Your environment
– Communication; including common faux pas
– Session structure; 1:1’s, Couples, and groups


Further resources:

– Includes links, contact numbers, and more
– Delivered using PowerPoint
– References
– Access to Dementia & Hypnotherapy Facebook group
– Certificate of attendance by The Clinical Hypnotherapy School


This course expires after one month of purchase.


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