Anxiety Membership

£10.00 / month

“I can’t begin to describe to you the fear I felt. It makes no sense to me now. Rationally, I know I was safe, but in that moment, I couldn’t do anything other than get out as fast as possible.”


“When I’m at home I feel safe, especially in my room. It’s my safe haven and I’m okay there. It would be nice to do the things I want to do, but I don’t know how to do it without panicking.”


“I sweat so much, my face often goes bright red, sometimes I feel sick or need to go to the loo. I start shaking, my legs feel like jelly, I start aching in my chest, back, neck, my face. It can change, some days I’m okay, and then others I’m really not.”


“Sometimes I know exactly why I got so nervous and scared, and other times it just happens and I don’t know why at all.”


I regularly see clients who talk to me about how difficult their life is right now due to the challenges caused by Anxiety. Take a look at my testimonials page to see how clients felt after using the services I offer. You’ll also find reviews on Google and Facebook.This membership programme has been tailored to people who may want to seek therapeutic services, but are unable to afford the current costs, or may just not be quite ready to take that step to picking up the phone for 1:1 sessions just yet.


It is designed to help support you to build and grow your confidence, your self-worth, and to learn how to manage unhelpful thoughts and symptoms, one small step at a time. You can use them at your pace and at the right time for you to ensure you get the very best value.


In this membership programme you will find:

o 18 videos* – guidance, tutorials, relaxation techniques
o Private link to hypnotherapy track
o Stress reduction techniques
o Breathing techniques
o Distraction techniques
o Mindfulness and meditation techniques
o Improving the quality of your sleep
o 10 workbooks, including tasks to be completed during the video tutorials.
o Complementary resource sheets to aid learning
o 2-part video introducing you to the physiology of the brain
o Link to hypnotherapy MP3
o Link to join free weekly hypnotherapy Facebook group


*Sessions are released fortnightly.


Please note that hypnotherapy and psychotherapy should not replace medical advice from your GP.


You’ll also get access to the Basic Membership Package which is updated monthly with helpful resources to support you with a healthy mindset:

  • Video tutorials
  • Downloads
  • Exercise tasks
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Exclusive Trance
  • Meditations
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Guest Experts in Health and wellbeing

And more…….


Please note: This is a monthly subscription package, providing new content every month. You must cancel your subscription if you do not wish to pay month on month. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given in any circumstances.

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