Goal Setting | 05 Feb 2020

The power of visualisation

What is the power of visualisation?

Okay so, this might not need an explanation but for some people visualisation can be really difficult. Let’s do a simple exercise to try and understand what visualisation is and then we’ll discuss the power of visualisation.

Think about your front door for me. The one that leads into your home. Close your eyes and see it in your minds eye. What colour is it? Are there any distinct patterns, maybe a window pane? What about what’s around the outside of it? Maybe it’s brick or stone, or something else?

This is you using visualisation. Sometimes visualisation is described as imagination. I have another blog with some great information around the science and physiology of why using visualisation and imagination can help us. Click here.

So how can I use the power of visualisation to help me?

Well, there are so many ways! I absolutely love using the power of visualisation for all kinds of weird and wonderful events. First off, let’s take a look at an event you have coming up that you might be a little apprehensive about. You’ve probably imagined it going wrong let’s say, 500 times already? In 500 different ways? Am I right?

Using the power of visualisation to help you

So, how about today we visualise a different scenario. Let’s use the power of visualisation to visualise your wonderful event going incredibly well. In fact, so incredibly well, it’s even better than you first thought you could imagine. Consider now, how amazing it will feel when everything goes so smoothly. See it now in your minds eye, everything is just incredible. You can’t quite believe it, but it really is going so super fantastically! You are full of admiration, overwhelmed with satisfaction and truly feeling at your very best.

Dreams come ture

Using the power of visualisation to bring you success

You’ve made it, you’ve used the power of visualisation wonderfully. See it right now in your visualisation not only has this event gone swimmingly well. Now, you’re even considering what happens after the event. All of the success that you truly deserve coming your way because you have worked so hard to get to this point right now and you’ve made it! Well done you!

Using the power of visualisation after the event

Okay, so let’s not stop using your visualisation there. Did you know that so many people use the power of visualisation wrongly, not just because they plan for failure (you’re not the only one, trust me!) but because when they do visualise success, they don’t finish their story off by visualising what else that success will lead to.


Let’s try another exercise

Okay, here goes. Let’s visualise an event you have coming up that is going to really turn your world around if it goes well. Think about it now, ignore those butterflies if they make an appearance, we can deal with them another time. For now, it’s time to just focus on your visualisation, butterflies aren’t important because in your visualisation you don’t have them at this event. Everything that happens at this event is amazing in every possible way and now afterwards you’re back at home a week later still on such a natural high and you can’t quite believe an email you’ve just received. What does the email say?

Enjoy the power of visualisation

Enjoy using this new tool all for you. It’s a wonderful free tool that has been proven time and time again that it really does work. Take a look at some of the research here. Athletic teams across the globe now use visualisation to help improve their game.

When are you going to start?

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