Social Anxiety | 27 Aug 2019

The Power of Imagination

Our inner chimp (aka limbic system in the brain), does not know the difference between imagination and reality as it isn’t connected to the intellectual part of our brain (Left prefrontal cortex). So, we can use our imagination to help us in building our confidence with situations we feel particularly anxious about. Sometimes it can help to speak it out loud, or to write it down. For others, simply imagining the scenario going well in our minds eye is all we need. It completely depends on what feels right for you. Consider the scenario you want to build your confidence with.

Ignore the inner chimp immediately telling you you’re not doing something right.

Instead, replace it with imagining that scenario going wonderfully well.

For example: If you have a special occasion like a wedding coming up. Imagine waking up on the day of the wedding. Imagine with fondness getting ready, being kind to yourself when you look in the mirror. Imagine the journey there going well. Imagine you smiling and looking at the happy bride and groom. Imagine leaving and feeling so proud of you. Imagine how you might reward yourself for being so strong today.

When you do this exercise, it is stored in your limbic system as a safe and effective behaviour pattern for you to use again. So, imagine how much better it gets with practice! The more you practice imagining this scenario going so wonderfully well, the easier it will become when the day arrives.
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