Hypnotherapists and Complimentary Therapists

Are you a Hypnotherapist or do you work in the area of Complimentary or Holistic Therapies?

In collaboration with the Clinical Hypnotherapy School I deliver several Continual Professional Development Courses for other therapists and Hypnotherapists to access.

You can browse the courses I have on offer for immediate purchase here. I also deliver live courses on working with people with dementia. Please do get in touch if you would like further information.


I regularly work together with other Hypnotherapists and Complementary Therapists delivering short courses, if you would like to approach me with an opportunity then please do get in touch here.

Whether you are a Yoga Teacher, a Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, or another business owner that can compliment the work I deliver. I am always happy to work together to identify ways we can better help more people achieve their goals of living well.


If your organisation is looking to increase positive mental health in your workforce then get in touch.

I work globally supporting organisations and their employees, volunteers, and members to live well with a healthier mindset. Using the latest research and evidenced based practice I tailor the work for your business according to the needs of your employees, volunteers and members.

What can you expect?

A tailored package to meet the needs of your business workforce or clients.

I can include but is not limited to; education on the brain and coping with insomnia, anger, anxiety and low mood, exercises around confidence and gratitude, and deep relaxation hypnotherapy.

What can be delivered?

  • Talks to teams, includes team building activities.
  • Webinars both live and pre-recorded.
  • 1:1 sessions for your employees via Zoom.
  • Deep relaxation hypnotherapy sessions.

The aim of the services I offer:

  • To promote coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety in the work place.
  • To build on confidence and commitment to work ethic.
  • To build support mechanisms within teams.
  • For employees to feel that their leadership and management teams care about them and their mental health.
  • Coping better with time management and re-prioritising tasks.
  • To reduce absenteeism.
  • To educate about the physiology of the brain and delier achievable strategies for a balanced mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Packages begin from as low as £10 per person plus travel expenses.

If you want to discuss further give me a call now on 07442 169 033.