Personalised Guided Relaxation Gift


Give the experience gift of CALM this year.


Hi, I’m Tania, I’d love to welcome you to my world of gentle and calming gift ideas for your mind. This is the premium in experience gifts.


My 1 to 1 personlised guided relaxation gift voucher gives you the gift of self preservation, calm, and tranquillity. If you like you can have it delivered live over video link or face to face in my calming relaxation room.


What I really love about this beautiful session is that it really is like no other. Your only task is to lie back and enjoy some time for you. I can feel that calm tranquillity just by imagining it now. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home (via video link), or in my clinic room in Milnrow, Lancashire, this session will be tailored and personalised to meet your needs.


What will happen?

First we will have a chat about what you would like to get from our session together. We will explore any areas of your life you would like to cope better with. When you’re ready we will get you into a comfortable position to receive your very own personalised guided relaxation gift.


Who is it for?

This is one of those gifts that is perfect for your Mum, Dad, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter or lovely friend.

What do you think? Does your special someone deserve some time to relax and unwind? Maybe they have a lot going on right now, and adding a calming session into their lives might give them a gentle reprieve?

For instance; maybe your special someone is always on the go? Always giving everything to everyone else. Cooking, cleaning, working, feeling overwhelmed about all kinds of challenges they have got going in their lives?


This beautiful guided relaxation gift gives your special someone time to relax, unwind, and recharge. What  a beautiful way to let them know how much they mean to you. Even better, you can buy this lovely gift for yourself too!



Can be used Face to Face or via Video link

Hi, I’m Tania. I’d love to welcome you to my website and invite you into my wonderful world of gift ideas. This personalised guided relaxation gift voucher entitles you to a 50-minute session just for you, or your special someone.

Together we will explore what it is you would like to get from our session. For instance, we might talk about something you’d like to be able to cope a little better with right now. We will finish with a beautiful relaxation tailored and personalised to meet your needs. Really, it’s time for you to relax, to unwind, and enjoy being in a place where no one wants anything, no one needs anything, and there’s absolutely nothing what so ever for you to do accept to relax.

How amazing for you or your special someone. A mini retreat for your mind. You will be safe, always in control, and have an awareness of your thoughts and feelings throughout.

To book your appointment you can contact me by email at or call me on 07442 169033.

Appointments available from 9:30am – 5pm, Wednesday to Friday, between 1st January and 22nd March 2020 only. This voucher cannot be used at any other time.


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