Hypnotherapy Meditation – Changing your mindset to help with overeating


We often find that our “go-to” stress reliever of choice is food. In some circumstances this can be really useful to us. That’s one of the reason our bodies are pre-dispositioned to go to food for comfort. However, when we are experiencing longer term stressors, or behaviours that once were caused by stress, and has now turned into a long-term habit, it can be useful to access a little extra support.

This relaxation is ideal for listening to whilst you fall asleep. You may consciously hear all the words, or none of the words, but subconsciously you will hear them all every time.

As long as you have a sensible and achievable goal in mind, this little gem may help to support you to achieve that goal.

I run a £10 Mindset & Food 5-Day course. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for the next course please do send me a message. I also offer one to one support to help you to change your mindset in relation to food. If an online group isn’t something you would like to participate in, one to one sessions may be right for you. Click on my homepage for frequently asked questions and to set up a confidential meeting.

Hypnotherapy should never replace advice provided to you by your GP.


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