GDPR Courses for Therapists and Micro Organisations

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Thank you Tania for putting together the course.  You brought a pragmatic and common sense approach to a topic which has brought forth much confusion and mis-information elsewhere.  Although I’d invested many hours of reading and research to move from DPA to GDPR/DPA2018 compliance it was really helpful to contextualise information I’d gleaned and see I was in the right place, putting some grounding to where I’d reached. Importantly, your templates have save me at least a days work so just for that its been great value.  But more so, the clarification of my thinking and understanding has been the real gain. Definitely recommend to counsellors and psychotherapists – the material is equally applicable to someone new to the field or us ol’-timers, and as keeping abreast of changes to legislation is enshrined in the ethical standards of BACP and GDPR, participation in the course makes its a double win. Big thanks, Alex (Supervisor and Senior Accredited Clinician)


The General Data Protection Regulations came into effect on 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act of 1998. There are lots of measures we should be taking already – as people who use personal and sensitive data – to safeguard our clients data. This course refreshes what we should be doing already and covers ‘what’s new’ under the GDPR. This includes, using granular consent, and having our own policies and procedures set in place and made available to our clients when they access our services. This course equips you with the knowledge of what you are required to have in place and provides you with written templates you can tweak according to what is relevant for your own business. There is time provided for questions throughout the course.

This course equips you with:

  • A basic understanding of GDPR and how it may affect your practice.
  • Information about what is reasonably practicable in holding all types of data securely.
  • A template of documents for use in your own organisation, and
  • Where to go for further information

At the end of the course attendees will take away the resource pack, more details of which can be found below. At your request you will also receive a certificate of attendance provided by the

The course is pre-recorded and lasts lasts approximately 90 minutes, and costs £45. To purchase please visit my website shop here. 

If you would specifically like a live Zoom course this can be arranged. Please contact me at

​To purchase please the product in my website shop.

This pack contains the following:

     Full Privacy Policy:

       Section A:

–        Introduction

–        Aim and purpose

–        Information Governance Principles

       Section B:

–        Privacy Notice

–        Third Party Services (e.g. website cookies)

–        Data Retention Schedule (doubles up as your data audit)

–        Data Processing (including lawful basis for processing)

       Section C:

–        Data Breach

–        Subject Access Request

–        Right to Erasure

–        Complaints

–        Safeguarding your privacy

·        GDPR FAQs – Mini Privacy Policy (to discuss and provide to clients at first face to face appointment)

·        A list of next actions you will need to take (including how to insert your business name into the documents and replace my business name)

·        A list of useful links

·        Template paragraph for requesting consent for a testimonial

·        Granular consent form  

·        Privacy statement for email

·        All references

If you have any questions please do ask me. To purchase please the product in my website shop.

More testimonials

Thank you for your excellent online CPD on GDPR. Thank you very much for all your hard work in putting together this CPD and especially all the template documents you have given me to use.  I can see that you’ve put more hours into this than I can possibly imagine, and you’ve saved me so much time. The fact that the CPD was enjoyable was an unexpected bonus, I thought it would be something I just had to get my head around, but no, it was interesting and informative. This has been a real value for money CPD. Thank you. 

Attending Tania Taylor’s CPD on GDPR has been invaluable.  The concerns, confusions and misunderstandings of this new data protection act were taken away; also what was coming, what was needed, and what I had to do and ensure within my business were explained so clearly. Finally I knew exactly and clearly what to do and had the tools and supporting documents from Tania to carry me on through this.  Many thanks to Tania for all her expertise and hard work in helping us all.

I highly recommend this (online) CPD course on General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR by Tania Taylor.  This will help to guide us through what at first can feel like a minefield in how Data Protection affects us.  Tania is very knowledgeable and patient, and reassuring, and we all need to know about this subject in time for May 2018. 

I recently attended Tania Taylor’s webinar on the dreaded GDPR and I would thoroughly recommend it to other therapists. I had done a fair amount of work already for the GDPR but wanted to get a different perspective from someone else. I am really pleased that I did attend the webinar; it was useful to clarify that I have been on the right track but I also learnt additional things and I was able to ask questions which had been lurking in my mind. Tania is a great webinar facilitator; she is calm, knowledgeable and keeps your interest throughout. She also provides a fabulous pack after attending. There is a lot of anxiety about the introduction of the GDPR but Tania through the webinar gives you the information you need to know in a clear, straightforward way. 

I’ve just attended Tania Taylor‘s GDPR course and can highly recommend it. Tania has done all of the background research and provides all of the information and templates required  to make putting everything in place for the new regulations a straight forward and easy task. Thank you Tania!

A very well organised, and presented course that very gave me the tools I needed to produce my own Privacy Policy and other required documents for the GDPR. Everything provided was more than worth the reasonable course fee Tania charges. All my correspondence with Tania was great and I found the whole process smooth and enjoyable – which given the topic is a feat in itself! Thank you Tania; you have put my mind to rest regarding my current business practices, so that I can now get back to what I enjoy and want to do: being a Hypnotherapist.

Thanks very much for today’s training. It was very useful and I enjoyed the focused and succinct content delivery via Zoom technology. It was 90 minutes very well spent and I now feel confident about what I need to do to ensure I am GDPR compliant. I would highly recommend this course to any small business owner.

To purchase please the product in my website shop.