Food, Eating, and Weight | 17 Jun 2020


Willpower is one of the biggest factors that people cite as their reason for not changing unwanted behaviour. It is something that helps us motivate ourselves to make change but also to sustain those changes, preventing us from giving in to unwanted temptation. Whether that be exercising, changing our eating habits or anything else we may set our minds on achieving.

Studies on self-control

There have been lots of studies that demonstrate time and again that if you are the type of person who can delay gratification, you are more likely to achieve the goals you set in life. Take a look at the Marshmallow experiment for one of the original studies.

Changing your perspective

We may assume Willpower is always about resisting temptation but it’s also about following our dreams and desires that will help us to achieve our goals. When we can begin thinking about Willpower from the perspective that Willpower is about saying YES so that we can achieve those goals we had in mind, that small change in perception can help us to strengthen our own Willpower.

Our chimp and our intellect

I’ve spoken to you all many a time about our inner chimp and our intellect. Two parts of our brain that some might refer to as good and bad. Although, it’s important to note that even though our chimp can make unhelpful and rash decisions when in fight/flight mode, it does always have our survival at heart, and all of it’s actions come from a place of love for you.

The Three P’s

Our Willpower comes from our intellect aka our left prefrontal cortex! My favourite part of the brain, because it’s our positive part – if we put it into very simple terms. The more we exercise it through our three P’s:

  • Positive Thoughts
  • Positive Activity
  • Positive Actions

The easier it will be to help us strengthen our Willpower.

How can I get more willpower?

But what else can we do to help us improve the intensity of our Willpower?

Well, we can. . .

  1. start to notice when our Willpower is at it’s best
  2. begin to pay attention to when it’s at it’s weakest
  3. use meditation and mindfulness
  4. exercise
  5. hypnotherapy.
Willpower meditation

Willpower at its best

When we begin to become more self-aware about our success with Willpower then we can really start to notice themes surrounding what it is that makes us more successful. Perhaps it’s the time of day? Or maybe that other temptations aren’t right in front of us. Or, maybe it’s about the levels of stress we have going on at that time?

Willpower when it’s not so great

We can also look for themes around when our Willpower is at its weakest point. What is going on with our own mental health at that time? Maybe the weather is super sunny, or perhaps it’s dark and dreary.

There is so much we can notice and once we become aware of what helps us and what hinders us, we can help ourselves by taking steps to increase our Willpower strength and minimise moments of regular weakness.

Can meditation and mindfulness help my self-control?

If we look at meditation and mindfulness these are absolutely wonderful for our ability to strengthen our focus and attention. Meaning we can exercise that intellect of ours and build on its strength when we come to Willpower too. Studies show that people who practice meditation and mindfulness every day have greater Willpower than those that don’t.


Can exercise help my Willpower?

I know, I know, everyone is telling you to exercise more. Wherever you look right now someone somewhere is telling you the positive effect doing regular exercise can have on your body and your mind. But it really is true! You can decrease your stress levels and increase your energy, both of which will help you better focus when you need Willpower on your side.

Can hypnotherapy help with self-control?

Finally, we come to hypnotherapy. Of course, I would say that hypnotherapy can help because it really does have benefits in so many areas. Listening to a hypnotherapy meditation as you’re going to sleep at night can make a real difference to your sleep quality and your ability to relax. We all know how fatigue can have a negative effect on our mindset and how much relaxation can have a positive effect. You can try one of my free trances here. Or if you fancy, why not join my facebook group? Every week I go live with a free relaxation just for you and yours.