Goal Setting | 04 Mar 2020

Retreat for your mind

What is a retreat for your mind?

Well, a retreat for your mind can be anything that gives your mind a break from whatever is normal for you. That could be something as simple as a half hour retreat for your mind in my weekly free online Calm Your Mind Group. But, it could also be something much more than that.

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Weekend retreat for your mind

There are all kinds of retreats for your mind out there. This year I’ve been booked to attend two business growth retreats, a yoga retreat, a meditation retreat, and a writer’s retreat. So, you see, there really is a whole wealth of experiences out there. If you’d like to book me for one of your retreats, you can get in touch with me here.

The benefits of a retreat for your mind

For me personally a retreat for your mind is incredible. I’m left feeling like I’ve visited a different world, a different lifetime, and always having gained incredible friendships with others on the retreat too. A serene bond that comes from sharing quiet moments, sometimes vulnerable moments, with complete strangers, whether I’m there for work or as a retreat for me.

Personal growth

One of the biggest benefits of retreats for me are personal growth. Have you ever had a really long chat with a complete stranger and gone into the depths you wouldn’t normally and just felt better for it afterwards? Almost like you had a sense of letting things go. A weight lifted maybe.  For me, a retreat for your mind is similar to that but times by 100. It can help you to move forwards in ways you hadn’t considered.

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Professional development

I’ve been on several retreats that were treats just for me, and had absolutely nothing to do with my work, and then I’ve been on other retreats that are about growth in a professional capacity. Whether it’s one or the other, I still find myself benefit both professionally and personally. As you read this I am on the final day of my first retreat of the year with the Mums in Business Association. We’re all feeling so empowered and inspired to grow even further with our businesses and I really hope you will continue to share in my journey.


A retreat for your mind is often a time for reflection, you can reflect on moments from your past and see them from a new perspective. This alone can help you to build and grow in confidence, both personally and professionally. And, even when I’m at a retreat to deliver workshops and relaxations, I still find myself coming away haven’t gained so much for myself too.

Day retreats for your mind

When you have a retreat for your mind, it feels incredible. For one person it may be that you feel full of energy, get up and go and completely reinvigorated. Yet, for another person you may feel completely relaxed, chilled and like for once in your life you’ve been able to switch off and have some pamper time all for you. On the 14th March I’m taking part in a wonderful retreat for the mind in a Spiral of Life Summit in Bury. There will be four workshops throughout the day that all compliment each other to leave you feeling wonderful.

Spiral of Mind in Bury

You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy four different holistic and complementary therapy sessions throughout your day, making it a real retreat for your mind. If you’re a therapist this is a great day for you to gain some of your CPD hours too, but you don’t need to be a therapist to join the day.

Sleep as a retreat for your mind

I’ll be talking all about sleep on the day and we will be exploring potential barriers to good sleep, identifying possible disruptions to your sleep and considering small, achievable steps you can make to improve your sleep. Of course, you will also have an incredible opportunity to join in a tranquil group hypnotherapy relaxation session too. A true retreat for your mind.

Weekend retreat with Tania

Wow, can you believe it. I have been commissioned to take part in so many retreats run by others, I thought it might be about time that I run a beautiful retreat for your mind for you to attend. It’s still very early days but if you’re interested, sign up to my mailing list, and you’ll be the first to know when it comes out.

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