December Survival Guide | 09 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 9

Following on from yesterdays tip (scroll down the page if you haven’t seen it yet).

How many times have you said the words “I don’t want to get my hopes up”.

Our inner chimp ? tells us that if we get our hopes up, then there will be further to fall if events don’t go the way we hoped they would?.

Our inner chimp is wrong ?….it’s often wrong. All it wants is to ensure we stay alive another day, and yesterday you told yourself not to get your hopes up and you survived yesterday.

Last time you COULD have got your hopes up, you told yourself NOT to get your hopes up, and you survived that day too! ?So, your inner chimp (specifically your hippocampus?) tells you to do it again, and again, because it knows that when you do this, you survive. ?

However, if we do get our hopes up?…..and events don’t go to plan…..guess what…..WE SURVIVE!! ?Our chimp just doesn’t know it yet, because we haven’t allowed our prefrontal cortex ?to take control and give ourselves permission to feel good and get our hopes up about that particular event yet. ?

Research also demonstrates that when we are feeling good, optimistic, and positive about an event that doesn’t go to plan, we actually recover much quicker from the disappointment than if we had already decided not to get our hopes up about it. ?

So knowing what you know now, tell me in the comments below what is the next event you are going to get your hopes up about? It could be a job interview, a driving test, a family gathering, a shopping trip ?