December Survival Guide | 08 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 8

Planning a disaster ?

Put your hand up ?️✋✋??️ if you are the type of person that likes to plan disasters? That meeting ? you have next week, that Christmas Dinner ? you’re going to cook for 20 people ?. You’ve already thought about how it will go wrong maybe 20, 30, 50 different ways? ?

Why are you planning a disaster? ? Why haven’t you thought about it going incredibly well? ? Deep down you know, ?your prefrontal cortex knows, ?that it will go well?. BUT, your inner chimp keeps telling you otherwise. ??

That niggling voice that keeps saying this isn’t going to go right. That rolling video in your mind of everything going wrong. ?

Did you know that our inner chimp is like a young child, ?it doesn’t grow up, it doesn’t have any intellect ?, and it doesn’t know the difference between imagination ? and reality?. It uses yesterday’s behaviours to determine how we should behave today, whether yesterdays behaviours were real or imagined! ?

That’s right, your limbic system struggles to determine the difference between real and imagined events…that’s why you can get really nervous, or go bright red?, just by thinking about something, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

Now if you imagine that disaster happening maybe 50 times, you’re reinforcing? to your inner chimp that this is how the event should play out. You attend that event just once and surprise, surprise, it actually all works out smoothly?…..but to your inner chimp, you attended that event 51 times, and only one of them went okay! ?

Cue every similar event from now on being tarred with the same “Disaster” brush ?.

So how do you change that? Think of an event you have been thinking about recently. Spend a few moments imagining how it would go if it was the best you could have ever imagined! ? How would that feel?? Have you started smiling yet? ?

Practice getting rid of planning disasters and instead start planning what the best it could possibly be looks like in your mind ?and enjoy thinking about the different ways it could go brilliantly. ?

What events have you got in mind? ? I’d love to hear about your plans and I promise not to gatecrash! ☺️