December Survival Guide | 04 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 4

Decision making often becomes difficult when we feel overwhelmed by our experiences and our emotional responses to those experiences. ?

If you are struggling to make decisions this Christmas, you can try writing down your options.?️

Getting things down on paper and ‘out of our heads’ ? can help us to gain a different perspective. It also helps our mind to process the information in a slightly different way.

If we are not certain what options are available to us right away, then we can use a little system to help us break it down.?

For example:

I don’t know what to buy for xxx.?

First of all, let’s have a think about how much money ? we realistically want to spend on xxx.

Now you have that written down, consider three things within your price range that xxx likes. If that’s really difficult try considering three things xxx doesn’t like and would hate to receive, ask yourself why they wouldn’t want those items, and then flip it around to what they WOULD like instead. It often feels easier to think about what xxx wouldn’t want, instead of what they would want.

When buying gifts ? for people we also tend to buy gifts we would like to receive ourselves. So it might be helpful for you to remember 3 items xxx has bought you previously, and go with a similar theme.

Now you can either do a lucky dip?, or maybe, just maybe, you will have one item on your list that you are really drawn to more than the others. ?

If you’re struggling with decision making in other areas and would like a future tip to include that area, message me directly and I’ll see what I can do with next week’s tips. ?