Holiday Blues | 08 Aug 2019

Worried about the Holiday Blues?

I took this photo as we were arriving to the Ferry Port at Dieppe to return back to England.

So, it seems fitting to use it for today’s blog.

According to the office of National Statistics in 2018 Brit’s took 71.7 million trips overseas in total. 2019 is likely to see little change in this number.

A staggering amount of us report the dreaded ‘holiday blues’ upon our return. So, what can we do to minimise our risk of experiencing the holiday blues? And to help ourselves if we’re finding that we’re currently knee deep in the ‘blues’ right now?

Let’s look at the forma first of all. If you can plan in advance, it’s a great idea to have a couple of activities or events planned for when you return. Elements of fun and laughter are a must! Maybe organise a meet up with some friends or family that you enjoy spending time with. Or even a rare day out that’s just for you!

In the final days of my holiday I start feeling depressed at the thought of coming home…

When you’re on holiday, if you feel the holiday blues looming towards the end of your holiday, it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper ready, or even the notepad on your phone, and to list all of the things you are looking forwards to.

This could be, your own bed, with your own pillow and duvet.

I just spent two weeks camping so, for me, I couldn’t wait to get back to my own bathroom!

Maybe you miss your own home cooked food, or your favourite take away?

It might be a family pet or two that you can’t wait to have a snuggle with, or a friend or family member you can’t wait to catch up with?

I couldn’t wait to get back to see my cat Dusty for lots of kitty snuggles!

Back from holiday and struggling to cope…

So, you’ve done all the above, you’ve just arrived home, and all of a sudden that dreaded fog has arisen above your shoulders and head, clouding your every thought … What now?

“Tidy house, tidy mind” is a great saying with real meaning behind it. Tidying a room in the home does absolute wonders for my clients’ mental health, and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

If we get home and leave the unpacking for later, it soon becomes the dreaded challenge we will avoid at all costs, looming behind every thought we have, ensuring that our ‘holiday blues fog’ becomes thicker and thicker by the minute!

Consider how you might reward yourself for doing the unpacking. This can help to make the mammoth task more appealing to the part of your brain that wants to throw all its toys out of the pram because it couldn’t stay on holiday forever.

Maybe your reward is that once you have unpacked, you can extend your holiday a little longer by enjoying the last of your freedom at home before its back to work?

We found a good family film, got some left-over snacks from our long journey home and enjoyed another evening together as a family.

Sleep is also a key component in experiencing good mental health. Are you in a good sleep routine after your holiday? What can you do to improve your current sleep regime?

I miss being on holiday and now I have nothing to look forward to… What can I do?

You can create events and activities for you to look forward to.

What do you enjoy doing? Maybe it’s a walk somewhere local in nature? Maybe it is seeing friends or family for a brew? A visit to the cinema or reading a good book?


Sit down for a moment now and put pen to paper.

List the top three activities you enjoy doing at home that are free.

List another top three activities that you enjoy doing that may not be free.

Get your diary out, and plan to do the achievable activities in your diary.

Consider, will you do them alone, or not? Do you need to pick up your phone now and contact people to organise a date to share your plans?

Have a think about whether there is anything else that makes you feel good? Go ahead and schedule that in too.

Giving yourself events to look forward to is a great way to get yourself through the ‘holiday blues fog’ in no time at all. Getting you back to enjoying that feeling of having had a wonderful break and having recharged your batteries ready to face everyday life once again.