#TopTipTuesday | 19 Mar 2019


#TopTipTuesday Gratitude

#TopTipTuesday Here’s a wonderful task for you. It may feel incredibly challenging at first. If so, break it down into sets of 10.

Tell me in the comments below what your sparkling moment was in the last 7 days.

Now you’ve begun, let’s carry on.

Once you’ve finished you can pop this somewhere you’ll find it helpful to see.

I’ve popped a few ideas below to help you get started:

I’m grateful for my GP helping me when I need it most.

I’m grateful for the colour purple it’s so calming.

I’m grateful for the blue sky.

I’m grateful for the squirrel that runs through my garden.

I’m grateful for the traffic lights that stay on green.

I’m grateful for my central heating.

I hope that helps, if you get stuck, get in touch ?

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