December Survival Guide | 29 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide…TIP 29

Practice Gratitude ?

Every time we consider something we are grateful for, we engage our prefrontal cortex ? . This is the part of our brain that we know as us??‍♀️??‍♂️. It’s the part of our brain that makes decisions based on weighing ⚖ up the pro’s and con’s of a situation, rather than jumping ?‍♀️ right in there and doing something irrational?.

The more we exercise our prefrontal cortex? through considering moments we are grateful for?, the more we naturally use our prefrontal cortex ?when working through our day to day lives?.

Every 31st December ? I like to consider at least one good moment? from each month that I was pleased with?, or enjoyed?. My year of highlights or memorable moments?.

Every day, I like to spend some time in the evening ? thinking ? about three good moments from that day too?️. The more you do it, the easier it gets ?. Even on the days that don’t always feel so great!

Practising gratitude in this way, helps us to gain back control of a situation when it feels like we have lost all control. It also helps us to cope better with situations that are out of our control. ?

This is my final entry of the December Survival Guide for this year. Thank you to all those who have liked??, loved ❤️, commented ? , privately messaged ✉ and those who have silently read ? in the background too?.

I really hope that my posts have made your December a little bit easier this year?. If you want to stay in touch to see similar posts and ideas throughout the year you are welcome to message ✉️ me for details of my Facebook page. Similarly I deliver a free Hypnotherapy guided relaxation ? every Sunday evening via my Facebook group, and you are more than welcome to join that too.

What’s your sparkling moment of 2018? For me, it’s my businesses first birthday tomorrow, so I’m celebrating my first birthday ????☺️

Happy New Year everyone, make 2019 a year where you can achieve your goals, ? because you set goals that are achievable for you?. Take care, Lots of love, Tania xxx