December Survival Guide | 27 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide…TIP 27

Goal setting ?

As another year comes to a close its time to reflect on what went well this year?, and what we would like to improve on for next year.

Don’t beat yourself up. Life has a funny way of turning things upside down ? and inside out when we least expect it?. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that carry us away, but every dip? is eventually followed by a high?, and we truly appreciate the highs, only when we have truly lived the lows?.

It’s hard to see how to get out of the lows when we are there, but look back on your life now. Right the way back ?.

Look at all of the moments you have got through, all of the challenges you have coped with?. You HAVE coped with soooo much, and you’ve got through it ?.

You CAN do this?, you CAN get through the challenges life throws our way ?, because this is what you have done your whole life, and you are special?. You are loved?. You can achieve any goal you set yourself that is attainable ?.

When goal setting this year…consider what goals you know are achievable, and only think of them ?. If you know a goal is unlikely to be achievable, then do not set yourself up to fail. That is harmful to you and unhelpful. Instead change it or break it down.

Set yourself a nice easy one for the first week of January, so you can celebrate your success in week one of 2019! ?

My first weeks goal will be to get my sleeping ? routine back on track after some recent late nights and late rises. What will yours be?