December Survival Guide | 26 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide…TIP 26

Happiness ?? What is happiness?

So many people strive for a goal that is unachievable when they think of happiness. They think happiness is material, an object, a place that only the wealthy can experience, a feeling of permanence.

It isn’t. Happiness is a feeling that relates to our mindset ? and our brains chemicals . It is a feeling you can experience when your whole world is turned upside down and inside out, but someone makes you laugh or smile in a moment?. It is an action of gratitude for what we do have, even when we are experiencing times of sadness for the things or people that we don’t have. ?

Happiness is having gratitude for those we love?‍?‍?‍?.

Happiness is feeling grateful for every day moments, that we so often let slip by unnoticed?.

Try this: Consider three things today that happen every day that make you feel good in the moment ? ????, but that you never pay attention to….it could be watching a bird soar? in the sky, eating breakfast??, a warm fire ?, average daily moments you don’t usually notice?. Give yourself permission to enjoy being in the moment ?.

Let me know what yours are using GIF in the comments below ⬇️?