December Survival Guide | 23 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide…TIP 23

TIME OUT⌚: Today give yourself a few moments occasionally throughout the day that are just for you.?

I asked my 15 year old daughter what she would do to give herself a few moments out just for her, and she said “read”?.

Great idea! ?I’m not sure everyone would be too happy with me sitting reading throughout Christmas day though, not as the host of Christmas this year! ?

I know what I can do though, I can whip myself away to my bedroom ? for a moment or two, I can nip to the bathroom ? and do some positive self-talk in the bathroom mirror?, ?I can stand by the steaming vegetables?? and pay attention to how the steam swirls?. I can smile?, for no other reason, other than to make me feel good?.

Merry Christmas? everyone and thank you for reading ? my December Survival Guide tips, your engagement with my posts have been wonderful and I am truly grateful to all of you ??. Lots of love?????❤️ Tania xxx