December Survival Guide | 19 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide…TIP 19

Not enough hours in the day⌚ How often do we use that phrase?

People who manage their time well find time to do all kinds of activities. How, when they have the exact same 24 hours every day that you do?

They change their mindset. ??

If you changed one small thing today, try changing the way you speak about your time. If there is something you don’t have time for, consider what you are prioritising ? instead and tell yourself I am prioritising this today.

For example, you might tell yourself you don’t have time to spend meditating/being mindful today because you are prioritising an extra 15 minutes in bed. ?️ Or you don’t have time to see a friend today because you are prioritising time in front of the television. ?

When we change our inner dialogue?, we change our mindset and give ourselves an opportunity to see something from a different perspective.?

What are you prioritising today? I’m pleased to say we now have a package of care in place for my grandad, so I’m prioritising some much needed house ? tidying ready for family coming over for Christmas ???