December Survival Guide | 14 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 14


When we are anxious, stress chemicals get sent out into our bodies to give us energy⚡. We might find our palms become sweaty, maybe we start to feel nauseous or need to rush to the loo. Our heart will beat faster ❤️.

What can we do to help stop those physical changes in their tracks?

Rectangular breathing ?.

Look around for something the shape of a rectangle. Your phone?, a window?, a door, a book, a road sign, a bus stop… anything at all within sight?.

Now beginning from the top left hand corner inhale slowly, pause at the top right hand corner, then exhale even slower as you move to the bottom right hand corner, pause again briefly, then continue by inhaling slowly as you move to the bottom left hand corner, pausing again for a moment, as you then exhale even slower, arriving back at your original corner.

This is a great way to distract your fight/flight system by managing your breathing to halt physical, stress – related, changes in the body. ?