December Survival Guide | 13 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 13

Loneliness and isolation

Even the most social, friendly person ? will experience times of feeling lonely or isolated. ? Christmas in particular, is a month that highlights feelings of loneliness for many people.?

If you spend a moment considering who you know might feel a little lonely this month, is there something you can do to help combat this? For example, you could consider a time⌚ over the next few days when you will have an hour space to give them a phone call, or a visit?.

If it is you that is feeling lonely right now, what do you think you would be doing more of if you weren’t feeling lonely? ?️Consider something that is possible, don’t choose something that is impossible, we like achievable goals. ?

Once you have considered your answer to this….is there a way you might be able to fit that in your diary ?this week, even if it is just the once? Writing a letter✉️, a text message ?, or making a telephone call? to someone we know, often supports us in lifting our mood?, enabling our hypothalamus ? to harness lots of feel good hormones for us. ?

Maybe you might choose to do something kind for someone you don’t know too?. For example; volunteering at a homeless shelter. When you give to others, particularly when you give your time⌚ to others, it can create wonderful feelings that give you a positive boost, and because we have interacted in a special way with others, we get the added benefit of lowering those feelings of isolation and loneliness.?

If you could do one thing this week to make a small difference to you, or someone else. What would it be?