December Survival Guide | 12 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 12

Stress and worries

When we are worried or stressed, we produce stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol and these support our physical body to fight ?or flight?. Back in the cave man days this was really useful, but here in December 2018 we face different challenges that often don’t involve imminent danger. ?

This means we are getting these stress hormones to prepare us for fight or flight, when we are not about to get our fists out or run away ?(as much as we might feel like it sometimes). So, our bodies need another physical outlet to use up this burst of energy⚡ it has just set us up with.

The way you make use of your energy is your decision to make, but I’ve popped a few ideas to get you started here: Dancing? in your living room, exercising? at home or the gym, a quick run? round the house? or round the block, a body shake to use up that adrenaline. Whatever you choose please ensure it is safe for you to do it. ?

Once you have used up your extra energy you can give yourself some time to relax?. There’s an app I absolutely love called “Breathe”. It is free…always a bonus, and it helps you to control your breath using a moon ? picture that goes larger and smaller as you change your breathing to move in time with the image.

Do you have something in particular that you like to do to expel energy or to relax?