December Survival Guide | 06 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 6

With only a couple of weeks to go until the BIG day ?, it can sometimes provoke a feeling of being overwhelmed. ?

Try writing ? a list ? of what you want to achieve this December. Once you have done that, highlight?? the top most important things, and put a line through the least important thing. Or maybe through three of the least important things.

How does that feel? ?

Next, I’d like you to cross off➕ anything that you already know is not realistically achievable with the resources and time you have got. If we add items to our lists? that are not achievable, when we don’t achieve them it can make us feel like we have failed?, even though we knew already when we wrote them down, that we would not be able to achieve them within that time frame or with the resources we currently have. ?

So, now create a new, fresh list,? of only achievable and important tasks for you. Set a day and time ⌚you are going to do the first three most important things on your list. Now imagine how good it will feel when you are sat ticking ✍️ them off your list, feeling so accomplished. ?

I’d love to know what your most important thing on your list is, and what you decided to get rid of from your first list. Let me know in the comments.