December Survival Guide | 05 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 5

ANXIETY… doesn’t it just pop up out of thin air when we least expect it?! And usually at the most inconvenient of times too! ?

You will often here me refer to our limbic system (fight/flight brain) as our inner chimp ?. If you haven’t read Prof Steven Peters The Chimp Paradox, I highly recommend you adding it to your Christmas wish list… Especially if you’re experiencing regular anxiety.

Our inner chimp is that inner child part of us. It’s the part that has tantrums, it’s the part that sulks, its the part that tells us we are not good enough, it’s the part that tells us everything we are about to do is going to go wrong.????

It’s not always helpful, but if we are going to get eaten by a Tiger?, it’s our inner chimp that comes out to save us, so we don’t want to get rid of it. It enables us to respond to danger much faster than we could if we were using our prefrontal cortex.

Our prefrontal cortex is that part of the brain ? we use that we know as us, our intellectual self. We come up with solutions to challenges by thinking more thoroughly about a situation rather than making a snap judgement.

When we become anxious, ?it’s our inner chimp that is in control.

We want to put you back in control by engaging your prefrontal cortex ?. A piece of cake right? ?

? Not so much.

There is no ‘quick fix’, but there are things you can do to exercise your prefrontal cortex so that as time progresses you can take that inner chimp and let you take back control.?

So today’s tip is one way you can engage your prefrontal cortex.?

Watch a funny TV programme or film, or YouTube clip.?

If you’re struggling, I’ve popped one I find funny, and incredibly cute, below for you. ? Do you have any particularly funny videos you would like to share? Pop the link in the comments below and let’s all give each other a helping hand to spend our day with a few more laughs ?