December Survival Guide | 02 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 2

Look at your list from yesterday. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s top tip, scroll back to find it ?? Choose three items from your list that are most important, and choose three items that are least important.

Consider why that is?

So often we put pressure on ourselves to purchase items for every man, woman, child, and their dog! ????

Consider what would happen if you didn’t buy the three least important gifts.?

Could you come up with another arrangement with those people? Maybe an agreement not to swap gifts this year?

Would they notice if you gave them a card instead? Or a handmade something less expensive instead? (Only if you’ll have time, don’t put undue pressure on yourself to create items).

Give yourself an opportunity to be kind to your bank balance.

We have a fair few grandparents and friends/neighbours in the family who buy gifts for us and so we want to buy gifts in return. It can be quite costly though, so me and my children (mostly me ?) create a little hamper for each of them.?

The year before last we bought a cheaper version of Terry’s chocolate orange from Aldi, drizzled white icing over the top and added a red skittle and two icing leaves to make mini Christmas puddings. ?

Last year we made Christmas tree cookies that piled up from large to small and tied them in a bow. ?

This year we are going for Malteser Mason jar reindeer.?

People appreciate the sentiment and it doesn’t cost an arm ?and a leg.

If there was one thing you could change this year to make Christmas more affordable…. What would it be? You’ve got this! ?