December Survival Guide | 01 Dec 2018

December Survival Guide… TIP 1

Let’s not get stressed this year. Instead we can choose to get ourselves in a place where we can handle any challenges that come our way.

Every day in December I will be posting a survival guide tip to help you get through the festive season with a festive feel?☺️?

Tip 1: write yourself a list of people you want to get a gift for. You can also write down anything you have already bought too.

You can do this on a spreadsheet in excel, or even on a scrap of paper. Somewhere that feels right for you.

Now you have your list, you can consider your plan, but there’s no rush just yet. Give yourself an opportunity to sleep on it.

When we sleep, we go through a procedure of processing our memories of the day and moving them from the emotional part of our brain, to our narrative, more factual part of our brain. This means we can reflect on something from a different, a more solution focused perspective, and that’s great for planning ahead. ???